Battling Indoor Allergens in DFW: Tips From Your Friendly Neighborhood Allergist


If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and you find yourself constantly sneezing, even when you’re indoors, you’re not alone. Our hot and humid climate makes a great breeding ground for outdoor allergens, and unfortunately for many, staying inside during peak season isn’t much help.

So, What’s in the Air?

DFW is notorious for its high pollen counts, but indoor allergens can be just as pesky. Pet dander, dust mites, cockroach droppings (nope, we’re not kidding) and mold are some of the usual suspects for our patients at Southwest Allergy and Asthma Center.

The Most Offensive Culprit: Mold =

Mold thrives inside in areas that are poorly ventilated or a little damp. Think closets, bathrooms, basements, or kitchens. Sometimes, even air conditioning units themselves can breed mold and spread it through the home. All of this results in your feeling uncomfortable.

Soothing the Sneezing

So, what can you do to keep your home as comfortable as possible?

  • Keep It Clean: Dust hard surfaces with a damp cloth and vacuum frequently. Wash your bedding regularly with hot water. A clean home is your best defense against mites.
  • Humidity Control: We don’t even like to say the word ‘moist,’ but mold loves it. Keep your humidity levels low, and make sure there are no leaks in any of your fixtures.
  • Pet Patrol: If you’ve got fur-babies in the home, groom, and bathe them regularly. We also suggest that bedrooms be pet-free zones.
  • Proper Ventilation: Good ventilation is crucial in preventing the growth and spread of mold. Try the exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens, consider an air purifier and when it’s nice outside, open the windows and get some fresh air in your space!

When To Consider Allergy Shots

If you’ve tried all the tricks in the book and are still struggling to breathe easily, consider allergy shots. We can test you for specific allergens and provide you with the same-day results. Allergy shots target your unique allergens directly.

“Allergy shots can be a game-changer for many allergy sufferers. They offer long-term relief and can significantly reduce the need for medication.”

Dr. John Van Wagoner, Southwest Allergy and Asthma Center – Plano.

You Get the Last Word
Living with indoor allergies in the metroplex can be irritating … to say the least. But you can take control of the season, both outside and inside! Feel empowered this spring.

Schedule a consultation and allergy testing today!

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