Food Allergies – They Go Beyond Discomfort

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Most of us know someone who avoids nuts or dairy but food allergies are more than just a minor inconvenience. At Southwest Allergy and Asthma Center, we take food allergies seriously. It’s far more than studying a menu before trying a new restaurant. So, let’s shed some light on some common food allergy facts that could affect not just your social life, but your overall health.

What Are Food Allergies?

  • Food allergies happen when your immune system reacts to certain proteins found in food.
  • Symptoms can range from mild to severe, including hives, swelling, trouble breathing and even anaphylaxis.
  • Common food allergens include peanuts, eggs, milk, wheat, soy, fish and shellfish.

The Real Impact of Food Allergies

  • Physical Health: An allergic reaction can range from mild itching to anaphylaxis.
  • Mental Health: Constantly having to worry about food or accidentally exposing yourself to a trigger food can take a toll on your mental well-being.
  • Social Life: Food is often a big part of social gatherings. Dealing with food allergies can make dining out or attending events feel isolating or stressful.

Diagnosis and Management

Ignoring food allergies won’t make them go away. Quite the opposite. Here’s why it’s so important to get a proper diagnosis.

  • Accurate Diagnosis: Proper testing can confirm which foods trigger your allergies, allowing you to avoid them more effectively.
  • Risk Reduction: Understanding your allergies helps you take proactive steps to avoid exposure and prevent severe reactions.
  • Treatment Options: From allergy medications to emergency epinephrine injectors, there are ways to manage food allergies and reduce their impact on your life.

Take Action Today with Southwest Allergy and Asthma Center

Don’t wait until your next allergic reaction to take food allergies seriously. Here’s what you can do:

  • Schedule a consultation.
  • Get tested.
  • Create a treatment plan with one of our providers at Southwest Allergy and Asthma Center.

There are new ways to treat food allergies. Oral immunotherapy is a treatment method used to immunize the body from the food causing the food allergy. Another treatment is using an injectable medication called “Xolais” to protect your immune system from accidental exposure to the food you are allergic to. Both of these novel treatment options are available at Southwest Allergy and Asthma Center.

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